Life Insurance: What's the cost?

Before you begin to shop for life insurance you are probably well aware that you will be spending some money. But of course, you will not know how much a life insurance policy is going to cost until you receive quotes. While this sounds simple enough, no two consumers are the same. What you pay for a term life insurance policy could be much more or less than somebody else.

Many factors go into determining the cost of life insurance. Some of them include your health and age, as well as the amount of coverage you need and type of policy. To top all of this off, some life insurance companies offer better rates than others. As you can see, life insurance is not a one size fits all purchase.

While it is impossible to say what you will be quoted for a life insurance policy, take this example. A middle aged man in good health, with a past history of smoking, should be able to secure a 10 year term life for approximately $200/month. While this may sound reasonable, a non-smoker in the same position should be able to buy the same policy for just about half the price. Life insurance companies are very serious about the health of their clients. If you have a history of illness and/or smoke you are going to be faced with a higher life insurance premium.

Overall, there is no way to characterize a "general" cost of life insurance. If you are interested in buying coverage you should obtain quotes to get a better idea of the cost.

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